McEwan is bringing gourmet groceries downtown

McEwan is bringing gourmet groceries downtown

McEwan Setting New Standard for Downtown Urban Grocery

The McEwan Group is changing how the downtown crowd does their grocery shopping. The store opened on July 15 and is located under the TD Tower along the P.A.T.H. McEwan serves up 6,000 square feet of fresh, grab & go gourmet plus groceries for every meal of the day.

McEwan is bringing gourmet groceries downtown

From Monday to Friday, McEwan welcomes morning commuters with authentic Italian coffee and espresso, and upscale items like fresh European pastries, quiches, waffles and yogurt parfaits plus gourmet breakfast sandwiches (even a breakfast pizza). Lunch-goers can choose from six freshly made soup features, a customizable Panini station, a 15-foot salad bar, and an impressive 32-foot chef’s hot table. Chef de Cuisine Kris Topping, who is running the kitchen, has a lot to play with.

McEwan is bringing gourmet groceries downtown

Fitting for downtown, McEwan’s new location also features a food-truck-inspired pop-up menu, with mouthwatering daily features like gourmet tacos, poutine, and banh mi. But it doesn’t stop there.

“We want to serve the best of everything in one place. We’re coming in with guns blazing.” Executive Chef Shen Ousmand, McEwan

Downtown shoppers can choose from a sprawling selection of freshly prepared meats like braised short ribs, pulled pork, whole chicken, lamb shank, rabbit, and a range of fresh seafood; paired with an equally large selection of gourmet sides and fresh vegetables. The new location also features hundreds of pantry items including homemade sauces, relishes and chutneys, as well as McEwan’s own marinades, oils and pasta sauces.

 McEwan is bringing gourmet groceries downtown

“We’re bringing high-quality, chef-driven prepared food to the downtown core. Our restaurant-style approach is fresh, spontaneous and has nothing to do with traditional retail.” Chef Mark McEwan 

McEwan is so much more than a gourmet grocery store. From traditional chicken tikka masala to lobster ravioli to Thai shrimp curry, Executive Chef Ousmand and his team offer an unmatched selection of authentically prepared cuisine from around the world. And you better believe they cater.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit the store, check out our gallery for a peek!

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