#InstaGood – Top 10 BBQ Dishes

#InstaGood – Top 10 BBQ Dishes

As we head into the months of kebabs, burgers and ribs cooked on a flaming hot ‘cue, we felt it’d be fun to come upon not only the history of BBQ but also its cuisine correlation to Canadian history, in connection with Canada’s upcoming birthday.

Canada’s 150 meets the flames and foods of National BBQ Month!

The term BBQ is thought to have come from the word barbacoa, a reference to native slow-cooking methods used by Spanish populations upon their arrival in the Caribbean. This term became further embedded in culinary history throughout the 19th century as Americans of the South cooked pigs this way in high numbers, especially at gatherings like picnics, parties and church events. This became a prime method in Tennesee, North Carolina, Kansas and Texas, the leading states of BBQ style creations.

An important aspect passed along through each generation across populations is the difference between grilling and BBQing. While grilling in itself is self-explanatory, the traditional meaning of BBQing is cooking over heat indirectly (ex. open/wood fires) and typically not for a short amount of time.

But what have Canadians been cooking through the ‘cue method this whole time?

In the 1800’s, Canada’s First Nation populaces were known to be cooking salmon on fire-smoked cedar planks. Not long after, bannock, a quickly cookable form of flatbread, was barbecued but over hot stones. Food enthusiasts will note that bannock has never often made any form of a trending comeback, even in traditional BBQ-based establishments.

With other countries and said Southern states were the more major specialists in popularizing particular meat creations thrown onto the ‘cues, it’s still worth noting other contributions Canadians have made to the culture, mainly maple syrups and their delicious glaze flavours.

While our country’s otherwise crafty creations may not be unique to the history of barbecue, with other locations having done most of any methods or meats first, this hasn’t stopped us from finding multiple occasions worthy of open fire cooking, especially when hockey or camping is involved.

With this month being celebrated as National BBQ Month, we couldn’t resist picking up our virtual tongs and flipping over a top ten #InstaGood list of our favourite BBQ creations. Bon appetit!



Perfectly captured steak & potatoes.

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Grilled & Glazed Suckling Ham Leg

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Such a beautiful brisket!

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Lamb Ribs w/ Mustard Greens, Seeds, Pistachio & Lime

♫ Oooooooh, Heaven is a plate on Earth! ♫


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Ribeye & Prime Rib Dry-Aged Steaks. So good.

Cast iron, cook even.

Scrumptious sausage hanging like edible cloud nines.

Release the kraken!