INFOGRAPHIC :: Pinterest Fast Facts For 2015

INFOGRAPHIC :: Pinterest Fast Facts For 2015

Pinterest was started in 2009 and is a key social media channel for the food industry. It is one of the most used photo sharing sites online. Pinterest hits 10 million unique visitors faster than any other social platform to date. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as PINS. Almost all top SEO Blogs have PIN-IT buttons on their websites. Pinterest became popular so fast that TIME magazine ranked it in its “50 Best Websites of 2011”

Pinterest : Recipes, Ingredients and Kitchens are top PINS

Food brands and products, for example, do particularly well on this platform because they can promote their own products and recipes, while also pin external recipes that are relevant to them.

At Branding & Buzzing we use Pinterest in our Social Marketing strategies for many of our clients. For The McEwan Group Pinterest highlights the best of Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan’s group including North 44, Bymark, ONE, Fabbrica, McEwan & North 44 Caters, McEwan Floral & McEwan. The McEwan Pinterest account is filled with interesting boards covering a variety of topics. One of the most visited boards is “Bring McEwan Home to You”, a collection of special ingredients from McEwan-made products, how to use them and recipes to try at home.

PINTEREST TIP #1 : Optimize Your Name, Boards and Pins for  Search

Many branded companies make the mistake of using only their brand name for their Pinterest user account name. Use searchable terms in both your account and board descriptions.

PINTEREST TIP #2 : Keep it creative and remember image is everything.

Be sure to PIN only your best photos. This is especially important for the food industry as people eat with their eyes first.

PINTEREST TIP #3 : Don’t forget Pinterest is a community – Share!

Many successful accounts have hundreds of contributors and thousands of followers so they’re able to get your PINS in front of a larger targeted audience in a much shorter time. Be sure to repin too.

Pinterest Fast Facts 2015

Pinterest Fast Facts 2015


Hi there,
Soon, we’ll launch buyable Pins to U.S. Pinners on iPhone and iPad. Today, we’re rolling out a few updates to our Privacy Policy to help you understand how these buyable Pins will work. Here’s a quick look at those updates.
1. When you buy something on Pinterest, you’ll need to share some payment and contact info with us so that we can complete your order. We’ll save this info so you don’t have to type it in next time you make a purchase. We’ll also share this info with the seller, and they’ll treat it as if you bought from their website directly.
2. We also hope to make Promoted Pins even more relevant and useful to Pinners like you. For example, if you purchased a camping tent on Pinterest, we may show you Promoted Pins for other outdoorsy products.
If you don’t want your purchases to be used to customize Pinterest, just go to “Order history” from your account settings and swipe to hide your purchases.
To see these updates, visit our Privacy Policy. To learn more about buyable Pins, check out our Help Center.
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