Mix (& Mingle) with your Markets, Host a Virtual Distillery Tour

Mix (& Mingle) with your Markets, Host a Virtual Distillery Tour

Our client Distilled Spirits Council of the United States invited industry influencers, distributors and hospitality members to an enhanced distillery experience with Asheville, North Carolina’s Chemist Spirits, but online!

One purpose of this virtual event was to keep the brand experience front-of-mind during a time when travel-free participation and engagement were key. Moving to a virtual platform was the most seamless method of facilitating both the immersive and interactive aspects of a distillery tour while also reaching larger audiences across Canada simultaneously without additional restrictions or costs.

The main objective, however, was to bring awareness of Chemist branded gins to new markets in support of eventual distribution.

That’s right, you don’t have to wait for your product to be on the shelves to give consumers a taste! Then, by the time your goods reach the stores, your target audiences know your name, your flavour and your label, increasing the likeliness of your product ending up in their cart on their next shopping trip or online order. They’ll be looking for you with intent!

Logging on with Chemist Spirits Owner Debbie Word, guests across Canada were given a lesson in the distillery’s history. This was followed by an interactive gin tasting with Chemist’s Product Manager, Rhea Lidowski, and a tour of how Chemist Spirits distills their fan-favourite flavours.

Our at-home invitees were able to smell and taste the gin from their seats during each tasting moment using our pre-delivered official sampling kits. These kits contained samples of each gin expression, tasting mat and chips courtesy of Neal Brothers for the guests to snack on throughout the event.

“Here at Chemist, we have a huge passion for education and igniting people’s curiosity about the spirit world and with Discus and Branding & Buzzing’s help, we were able to create a really engaging virtual tour, giving us the opportunity to share our story, process, and beautiful space with new curious minds. Hearing the excitement in the feedback from our online tour participants has given us life and put big smiles on our faces, especially since we’ve now been able to connect with folks so far away we would have never connected with in the first place if not for making this pivot to virtual tours together.” – Rhea Lidowski.

Chemist’s mixologist, Ariana, was also on-hand to guide the final tasting and demonstrate three of their signature gin cocktails.

Throughout the night, guests were able to communicate their thoughts, taste bud reactions and questions openly with the Chemist Spirits crew, keeping the conversation as 2-way as possible, as a brand would in-person. A formal Q&A was also held to conclude the night, once everyone had time to fully enjoy their remaining gin samples.

“I loved that we got a real tour of the facility. It felt like we were there. Of course, it was nice to have the opportunity to sip on the gin as they were explaining everything – this is the value. If possible, ideally everyone watching has a kit so they can partake.” – Chantel Sarkisian (@Chantsy).

Once the tour was over, some of our influential guests went on to develop their own Chemist-made cocktails, which were then shared to their personal social feeds in celebration of World Gin Day. These included Aaron Hatchell’s (Langdon Hall) to-be-named Chemist Barrel Rested Gin creation and Monica C’s (Liquid Culture) Peaches & Sand Cocktail.

Why Host a Virtual Tour for your Distillery?

● Give your target markets the full brand experience, without the travel and red tape.
● Increased engagement, impressions, reach, followings, video views and consumer memories across multiple demographics and markets.
● A low-cost alternative to in-person tours and events with less/no venue, travel or set-up fees.
● Greater potential for smooth, social interactive components including demonstrations, Q&As, giveaways, learning moments or full-on educational sessions.
● Convert event content into repurposed pieces for your brand’s social channels.

Learn more about the initial process of hosting a virtual event here.

The Navigation Cocktail

Created by Chemist Spirits

The Navigation Cocktail


● 2oz Chemist Navy Strength Gin
● 3/4oz St Germaine
● 1/4oz Creme de Violette
● 1/2oz Fresh Lemon
● B.S. Cane Syrup


Shake all ingredients in a shaker tin
Fine strain into glass
Garnish with cherry

Put limited travel to your advantage while requiring far less budget with no need for rentals, accommodations, travel, additional staffing, etc. It’s your turn to host a virtual distillery tour. Ask us how.

Virtual Distillery Tour By the Numbers

40 Guests from 4 Cities
(Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa & Montreal)
1,020+ Likes
140+ Comments
13,200 Reach
14,000 Impressions