How to Grow Your TikTok Engagement Organically

How to Grow Your TikTok Engagement Organically

You’ve got the TikTok account, you’ve got the well put together content but your likes & comments aren’t where you’d like them to be for all that effort.

Like on Instagram, there’s an algorithm at play, one that takes into consideration literally everything from what’s in a caption to how users interact to how long someone watches a video before moving on to the next one; but “algorithm” doesn’t have to be a bad word on this platform.

Here are a few tips to ensure your own content and engagements are algorithm-friendly.

Post Quality Content

This should go without saying but it’s worth noting that you’ll never see a viral video in your FYP (For You Page) that’s blurry, distorted or in terrible quality colours.

Note, not every viral user uses professional equipment, so don’t let this tip intimidate you. Today’s smartphones are perfectly capable of shooting at a high resolution, especially with the help of natural sunlight or ring lights.

Share, Share, Share

Included in any TikTok video is the share button which enables viewers and yourself to share a link to individual videos to other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

The more clicks to these links, the more the algorithm acknowledges that there’s interest in engaging your content.

Be Educational or Be Entertaining

You have 15-60 seconds to entertain or teach your viewer, and fewer seconds than that to spark their interest to begin with.

What will you do with that time? It’s shorter than you think.

Use a Viral Sound

Just as a dance or type of acting goes viral on TikTok, so do particular sounds; the audio files embedded for usability right in the app.

Browse your FYP for patterns in common sound usage and see what your brand, public figures or products can align with.

You can also visit (+) then “Sounds” then “Recommended” to see what sounds are trending at the time of browsing.

Most of All, Engage!

TikTok is a social network, not a content museum. Don’t just wait for engagement, find your ideal audiences and comment on their content!

This is also a great way to engage demographics who may have never heard of you before or who may not have known how much they needed you until the moment they get the notification you’ve engaged!

Happy TikToking!