Live in their Kitchen – Cooking Up Programs with North America’s Top Chefs

Live in their Kitchen – Cooking Up Programs with North America’s Top Chefs

Behind the Line Interviews
Kevin Kossowan

With 100+ interviews under our apron and countless prospects to come, these interviews provide readers and culinary creators exclusive inside scoops from behind-the-line of North America’s top & up-and-coming kitchens.

Some of our most-read insights have come from the likes of From the Wild’s Kevin Kossowan, OceanWise’s Ned Bell, Feges BBQ’s Chef Patrick Feges and Erin Smith, and Nightbird’s Chef Kim Alter.

We don’t just find out what they’re cooking, we dig deep inside their flavour processes, inner inspirations, challenge solutions and what really makes their dishes worth sticking a fork into.

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Whole Grilled Fish with Jalapeno Salsa Verde

Recipe Creation with your Product

We’ve worked coast to coast with chefs and culinary innovators to create one-of-a-kind recipes with client products including, but not limited to Club House for Chefs, Thai Kitchen, Bonne Maman and McCormick for Chefs. From Montreal’s Chef Derek Dammann’s Salmon Crudo, Tomato, Bonito and Rosemary to Nashville’s Chef Tony Galzin’s Whole Grilled Fish with Jalapeno Salsa Verde, over custom 100 recipes have been innovated and fed to diners across North America, and the next one could feature your ingredient.

Chef Sean MacDonald

Content Creation

From photoshoots of your latest creation to videos from Live in your Kitchen, we work with clients to prospect and collaborate in order to cook up the best content possible for readers and viewers alike.