Food Network Host & Guinness World Record Holder Bob Blumer Joins Plutino Food & Drink

Food Network Host & Guinness World Record Holder Bob Blumer Joins Plutino Food & Drink

The city may be cooling down for the season but things are still heating up at Plutino Food & Drink. After an exciting summer booking appearances, media segments and signing brand partnerships, Plutino Food and Drink is proud to announce their next roster addition, television host and Toronto Second Harvest ambassador Bob Blumer.


“Bob Blumer is one of the most talented and influential gastronauts in the business today,” expressed Roseanna Plutino, President of Plutino Group, “he is an inspiring individual who goes above and beyond, and is known for his passion, energy and commitment to every project he takes on.”


Blumer is the creator and host of the pioneering Food Network Canada television series Surreal Gourmet and Glutton for Punishment. He is also the host and producer of World’s Weirdest Restaurants, in which he travels the world in search of the strangest, wackiest restaurants. All of his shows have aired in over twenty countries across the globe.

Bob has written and illustrated five acclaimed cookbooks, as well as co-authored the multi-edition bestseller Pizza on the Grill.

“I am a poster child for the saying, ‘if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,’” commented Blumer, “it’s my hope that working with the Plutino Group will give me an opportunity to connect with more people, challenge myself in new ways, immerse myself in more creative projects, and help others elevate their quality of life through culinary education and empowerment.”

In addition to having worked on a wide-ranging list of creative projects in the food world, Bob has broken seven food-related Guinness World Records. They are:

  • Most pizzas made in an hour by an individual – 168
  • Most individual rice grains eaten in three minutes using chopsticks – 134
  • Most table-side Caesar salads made in one hour – 108
  • Fastest time to peel 50 lbs of onions – 2 minutes, 39 seconds
  • Most pancakes flipped in one hour – 559
  • Largest bowl of salsa made – 2,672 pounds

While he has achieved many impressive feats in his 25 year career, Blumer is thrilled to be joining “a team that is as focused and as excited as I am about the opportunities that exist in today’s food universe.”

Blumer adds: “I’m humbled and honored to be represented alongside the chefs on the Plutino Food and Drink’s roster. Each of us come from a very different place in the culinary world and we all have our own unique styles. What unites us is our passion and our commitment to our respective crafts. It already feels like a team.”

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