Elevate Your Instagram Reels Game with These Must-Try Features

Elevate Your Instagram Reels Game with These Must-Try Features

Stay in the loop with the latest Instagram updates! Check out three cool features on Instagram Reels that food marketers and restaurants can start using right away.

 1. Get Creative with New Reels Editing Tools

Instagram is making it easier to create awesome videos with new editing tools. Now you can undo/redo, crop, scale, rotate, and zoom to make your videos stand out. Plus, you can easily add popular music and create fun memes with Instagram’s new audio clip hub. Customize your text with ten voices and six font options, and turn parts of your photos into cool stickers for Stories and Reels.

2. Tell Your Story with Song Lyrics

Bring your Reels to life by adding song lyrics, just like you can in Stories. Choose your lyrics, pick a font, highlight parts you want to stand out, and add text overlays for extra flair. And if you want more control over who sees your posts, use the green star icon to share with only your close friends.

Now, sharing to Reels is even easier for developers. Apps can now add a Reels button, allowing users to share short videos directly to Instagram Reels with a single tap.

3. Understand Your Reels Better with Improved Insights

Instagram is giving creators better metrics to understand how their Reels are doing. Keep track of replays and use an interactive chart to see when people are watching your Reels the most.

While Instagram’s new metrics are cool, we suggest focusing on the metrics that really matter, like how long people are watching and how many are sharing your Reels. These give you a better idea of what content is really catching your audience’s attention.

In a nutshell, these Instagram Reels features are a game-changer for food marketers and restaurants. Try them out to make your social media content even more awesome!