Eggcellent Hacks: A Virtual Event with Conestoga Farms

Conestoga Farms Eggs

Eggcellent Hacks: A Virtual Event with Conestoga Farms

Traditional Conestoga Farms workshops would have seen guests, egg cartons and our host gather at a lively kitchen-style venue in person. Instead, we were able to recreate the same eggciting magic through the power of digital platforms.

Enter Eggcellent Hacks, a 45-minute virtual workshop via Zoom, complete with 30+ influencer invitees plus food expert host Christine Tizzard. Eight content creators – including Vijaya Selvaraju, Allison Tannis, and Taneisha Morris – were designated as partnering panellists for Eggcellent Hacks beforehand, providing deliverables including workshop promotional support on their social channels plus delicious custom recipes using the Conestoga Farms brand.

During the workshop, guests were introduced to Conestoga Farms’ range of egg products, from Organic to Free Range to Free Run Omega-3. Host Christine then guided everyone through simple, must-know demonstrations like navigating egg freshness, separating whites from yolks, perfect poaching and more. These were (5) egg hacks to try at home.

Christine also flexed her eggcellent creativity with Conestoga Farms Eggs by creating a delicious Red Wine & Beet Pickled Eggs recipe!

By hosting the event online, Conestoga Farms was able to reach a wider range of its target Southwestern Ontario audience with invitees logging on within their own homes in multiple cities across the region. Many of these invitees had shown a previous interest but had been unable to attend physical versions of these events due to various distance, time and travel-related reasons; most of which become a non-issue when an event pivots to virtual hosting.


With guests now knowing how to take a ‘crack’ at their newly visualized egg hacks, our eight select influencers then shared their creativity via Instagram Stories and custom recipes, all while using their choices in Conestoga Farms eggs.

Kid-Approved Eggcellent Omelette by Deliciously Geeky & Ham, Cheese & Spinach Egg Cups by Herbs & Flour

Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Blondies by Simply Tina G & Tex-Mex Breakfast Burritos by The Seasoned Skillet


● Engage new or experienced guests in brand awareness and brand-in-hand activities.
● Increase essential KPIs including reach, impressions, interactions, follows and views.
● Guests and following audiences can be reached within numerous demographics and markets simultaneously at no additional costs.
● Ease of virtual interactions allows for added components including brand education, guest Q&A, product demos, imaginative brainstorming and more.
● Post-event, workshop content can be repurposed nearly instantly for evergreen viewing on brand social channels and websites.


8 eggcellent panelists
40 eggcited influencer guests in attendance
5 custom recipes
47 Instagram stories
82,725+ Instagram impressions
35,460+ Instagram engagements

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