Daura Damm “On the Menu” at Kanpai Snack Bar

Daura Damm “On the Menu” at Kanpai Snack Bar

Daura Damm is the gluten-removed beer that beer lovers have been yearning for with less than 3 ppm of gluten. Recognized world-wide with prestigious and renowned awards for being best in class, Daura made its debut into the Toronto market with good taste.

To exemplify the quality of the beer, we hosted a series of ON THE MENU dinner programs at select restaurants in Toronto, such as La Carnita and Kanpai Snack Bar. The program provided real life tasting experiences with influencers, media, content creators, culinary experts, and food & cocktail writers, who didn’t necessarily prescribe to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Across the program we successfully created conversations in real time across various social media channels. We yielded 472K impressions across 16 contributors.

Each evening was hosted by a blogger who has a strong grasp of the community, represents the targeted audience, and has an authentic engagement. The host introduces the evening of delicious food and tasty brew!

The dinner at Kanpai Snack Bar was hosted by gluten-free blogger, Rachael Hunt of GlutenFreedom. Having her finger on the pulse of the gluten-free food trends, she was scouted as she represented this growing niche market. The host’s role is to invite a handful of her peers, while leading conversations in-real-life and engagements through social media.

We wowed guests with delectable gluten-free dishes from chef/owner Trevor Lui; Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Piggie Smalls (fried pork belly), Schricken Satay (satay w/ mixed vegetables), and Fu Manchu (fried tofu in sweet chili sauce). The food complemented the Daura Damm beer perfectly.

We are pleased to have left a lasting impression with our guests, our venue partner and most importantly, our client.