Case Study: Jones Soda’s Pride Influencer Campaign

Case Study: Jones Soda’s Pride Influencer Campaign

Introduction: In 2019, Jones Soda embarked on a remarkable journey to celebrate Pride across Canada with a limited edition Cream Soda featuring their classic label infused with vibrant Pride colors. Partnering with Egale Canada, this campaign aimed not only to spread awareness but also to foster a sense of inclusivity and support for the LGBTQI2S community. The campaign leveraged influencer marketing to amplify its message and engage with diverse audiences across various niches.

Campaign Overview: The Pride Influencer Campaign by Jones Soda ran throughout the summer, showcasing Pride-themed bottles adorned with consumer-submitted photos from past Pride events. The campaign’s core objective was to raise awareness for Egale Canada while celebrating and supporting Pride initiatives. Key highlights of the campaign included:

Engagement with New and Existing Influencers: Jones Soda successfully engaged with both new and existing influencers, fostering meaningful relationships within the LGBTQI2S community and its allies. Influencers expressed pride in partnering with Jones Soda for a campaign that not only celebrated Pride but also actively supported initiatives like Egale Canada.

Inclusivity and Diversity: The campaign showcased inclusivity by featuring a diverse range of influencers from various niches, including foodies, lifestyle enthusiasts, fashionistas, photographers, drag queens, and more. This diversity not only resonated with the LGBTQI2S community but also appealed to a broader audience.

Positive Feedback and Interest: Influencers who participated in the campaign provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. They appreciated the creative kits provided by Jones Soda, which included limited edition Pride bottles, branded merchandise, and other flavors of soda. Additionally, influencers expressed interest in participating in future sponsored campaigns, indicating the success of the partnership.

Campaign Execution and Deliverables: Jones Soda collaborated with 28 influencers across Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, who identified as part of the LGBTQI2S community or were allies. Each influencer received a kit from Lassonde Inc., containing limited edition Pride bottles, branded merchandise, and additional flavors of soda. The influencers were tasked with creating content that showcased their Pride while raising awareness for Egale Canada.

The influencers delivered one static post and one story on Instagram, incorporating key messaging provided by Jones Soda. The content emphasized the significance of Jones Soda’s commitment to Pride, featuring the campaign hashtag #JonesPride2019 and encouraging followers to share their Pride photos for a chance to be featured on a Jones Soda bottle. The content generated significant engagement, with a total of 26,217 likes and 1,554 comments across all posts, along with a story reach of 39,290.

Results and Impact: The Pride Influencer Campaign by Jones Soda achieved remarkable results, surpassing expectations in terms of engagement and reach. With an average story reach of 8.6% of followers and an average post engagement of 5.55% of followers, the campaign effectively resonated with audiences, spreading awareness for Egale Canada and fostering a sense of community and inclusivity.

Moreover, the content captured from the influencers continued to be reposted throughout the summer on the Jones Soda Instagram account, extending the campaign’s reach and impact beyond its initial duration. Overall, the campaign not only celebrated Pride but also reinforced Jones Soda’s commitment to supporting LGBTQI2S communities across Canada.

Conclusion: Jones Soda’s Pride Influencer Campaign exemplifies the power of inclusive marketing and community engagement. By partnering with influencers and amplifying voices within the LGBTQI2S community, Jones Soda successfully spread awareness for Pride initiatives while fostering a sense of belonging and support. The campaign’s success serves as a testament to the importance of authenticity, diversity, and inclusivity in brand messaging, highlighting the positive impact of meaningful partnerships and storytelling in driving social change. As Jones Soda continues its journey, this campaign stands as a shining example of how brands can leverage their platform to celebrate diversity and advocate for equality.