Make Every Wednesday Canada #TakeoutDay

Canada Takeout Day

Make Every Wednesday Canada #TakeoutDay

After one last in-office day together on Friday the 13th, our team gathered some of their belongingsĀ just in case, not knowing what the weekend or coming business days would bring.

We’ve been working remote since, and doing our part to support the foodservice industry with weekly virtual team meetings over takeout. With each Premier announcement, more and more of our industry and clients were deemed non-essential, including Canada’s restaurants. As dining rooms were forced to close and thousands were suddenly out of work, Canadians were looking for something to do to help.

Cue #TakeoutDay



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Through Canada Takeout, #TakeoutDay is a weekly Wednesday initiative to bring Canadians together to save our country’s hospitality industry, that kicked off on Wednesday, April 15th, aka Canada Takeout Day.

Since the launch of the official website, thousands of restaurants have registered their takeout to the Canada Takeout Restaurant Finder in our mutual attempts to keep their doors from closing for good.

This is a very real threat, as nearly 1 in 10 of our nation’s food establishments are already permanently shut down for good.

If you are a restaurant, register your business for #TakeoutDay here. It’s free to do.

If you are a customer, please help spread the word. Encourage your social followings to participate, tagging @CanadaTakeout and #TakeoutDay. Talk about your favourite restaurants, tagging them as well, and how they could use your help.

Then, on Wednesdays, order from one of those places. Take a break from the kitchen and have a local do the cooking. Have a virtual dinner party with your friends. Whatever it takes.

Let’s eat together, Canada. Our restaurants depend on it.