Baking Away with Canola Eat Well

Baking Away with Canola Eat Well

With the holiday season comes friends, family, food and feeling grateful for all three. Our team, and our client Canola Eat Well, decided; what better way to give thanks than learning about our food right from the source, the farmers?

L-R: Betty Binon, Niki G, Ellen Pruden, Maria Leucia, Bianca Osbourne, Jeanette Andrashewski, Jasmine Baker, Shayma Sadaat, Jenny Kalynuik, Erin Macgregor & Jennifer Dyck

Hosted by Culinary Curator Jasmine Baker, our guests saw and heard firsthand how Canola Oil is made.

Then, in a great bake-off, everyone included canola oil in the makings of their delicious holiday chiffon cakes!

#MakeItCanola By The Numbers

12 hand-selected food-savvy guests
30+ social media posts from the baking table
84.000 views (impressions) of social media posts
12 deliciously festive Chiffon cakes