Branding & Buzzing Goes Back to School

Convocation Ceremony

Branding & Buzzing Goes Back to School

From George Brown to Thistletown, the Branding & Buzzing team went back to class with Club House for Chefs, hungry for knowledge (and all the student-made dishes we could eat).

Thistletown Collegiate


First stop, the Thistletown Chefs Harvest Garden Party, hosted by Thistletown Collegiate‘s own Chef Keith Hoare. There, in the 14000 sq.ft. organic garden of Etobicoke, we learned about and tasted new Spanish-inspired cuisines, created by top Toronto chefs like Trevor Lui, Nick Liu, Keith Pears PLUS the culinary students of Thistletown!

Proceeds from the event went toward sending 25 of Thistletown’s future chefs on an educational, food-focused trip to Spain.

George Brown


Come November, it was time to get fired up for the Young Guns Spice Challenge at George Brown College. There, within the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, students divided into 5 teams would create savoury new Club House-spiced dishes to be served in the centre’s cafe, all which would be available to the college public over 5 voting days.

These dishes included Grilled Chicken Masala in a Corn Husk, Spicy Shrimp Tacos, Green Curry Burgers with Sriracha Fries, Crispy Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice Cake, Coconut Sauce, Garlic Aioli and Cabbage Slaw plus Brazilian Beef Tacos!

A Lesson from Chef John Higgins


Chef John HigginsTry to evaluate what you’d want to do after George Brown, because time here goes so fast. Figure out where you would like to work and when you’re here, use that thought to make sure that’s where you want to be. With this school, there are lots and lots of opportunities to do placements, work and meet chefs. Try to get as much information as you want, whether you want to work in a retirement home, the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton or the King Edward.

I think the big thing is to come with a game plan of what you want to achieve because you really have to figure out what you want to do so you don’t waste time; time is expensive, time is money.

John Higgins, Chef & Director of George Brown College’s Chef School. See full interview here.