6 Ways to Include TikTok in your Brand Strategy

6 Ways to Include TikTok in your Brand Strategy

While its videos may be short, introducing and involving your brand in the world of TikTok has the potential to see long-term benefits, especially brand awareness, exposure and sharing of promotional and/or evergreen content.

Based on reported trends, here are ten ways to use the entertainment & social app to your advantage. 

Influencer Marketing, TikTok Style.

You’ve likely already included influencers who have large audiences and high engagement on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. In 2021, it’s no surprise that many content creators are flocking, and succeeding on TikTok.

Take a browse through content relevant to your brand and see who stands out.

Hashtag Challenges

A major driver of TikToks is the hashtags, and many viral videos are a result of users mass-participating in hashtag challenges – and BRANDED hashtag challenges are no exception. In fact, branded hashtag challenges are the biggest TikTok trend of the year so far, and they’re not slowing down.

What could you potentially challenge a TikTok audience to do that involves your brand?

Brand Videos – The Remix

One of the best parts of creating evergreen content for TikTok? The endless opportunities to create remixes!

Thanks to the app’s inclusion of built-in editing tools, you can switch up the look and feel of your brand’s TikTok videos without having to film something completely new! Filters, music, text, animations – so many ways to change, without digging into the budget.


With content constantly rolling from users, many posting daily, TikTok can feel like a TV set for audiences. They’re tuning into their favourite shows (users), almost as fast as creators can upload, and can almost always expect something fresh every time they tap on.

Your audience is out there too, tap in.


Is someone on your team (secretly) obsessed with memes?

#Memes is one of the top hashtags of all time on TikTok, with 34.4 billion uses and counting.

Can you meme your brand while staying on-brand?

Social Commerce

Similar to how you can now “Shop” on Instagram, TikTok is chock full of “Social Commerce” opportunities and being discovered is as easy as a user swiping to the next video.

Consider all the ways your brand can videotape the use, benefits or excitement of your products for social commerce clicks.

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