3 Tools Every Restaurant Should be Using on Instagram Right Now

3 Tools Every Restaurant Should be Using on Instagram Right Now

While you were cooking up the last of your patio fare and converting back to dine-in, Instagram was making a few changes of its own that can help make fall/winter your best yet. We know things are busy in your kitchen so we’ll make this quick.

Link Stickers

Remember how it used to be that only accounts with 10,000+ followers could use the swipe-up feature in Instagram stories, which lead users to other websites?

Now, all accounts can have linked stories, but the swipe-up is gone. This has been replaced by link stickers!

To access link stickers, create your story, tap the smiley square button in the top menu, and click the LINK button with the paperclip. Then, enter you URL and then “Done.”

A link sticker will appear on your story which you can drag with your finger to position anywhere. Tap it if you’d like to change its colours.

User Limits & Hidden Words

A tool for avoiding abusive comments on your posts and in your direct messages (DMs), you can now create limits in your settings.

From listing words you find offensive to hiding or limiting comments from non-followers or too-recent followers, this is a helpful way to filter potentially negative or abusive public activity by others on your profile.

This move was made after an exceedingly high level of racial abuse and harassment took place on player accounts during the EURO 2020 competition.

To set your limits, tap Privacy under settings, then Limits.

To filter words or phrases you find offensive, tap Privacy under Settings, then Hidden Words.

(Future) Shoppable Ads

Love browsing the Shop tab of Instagram, but don’t have enough organic posts making the feature? Currently being beta tested by Instagram, users may soon be able to have shoppable paid ads within the tab.

Formatted as a single post or a carousel, these shoppable ads will lead users to your product page, just like a regular shoppable feed post.

Stay tuned for this and more!

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