What is Canada Takeout Day, and Why It’s Important

What is Canada Takeout Day, and Why It’s Important

After becoming declared non-essential not only in Ontario but across the country, restaurateurs were forced to close their dining rooms this past March, releasing much of their staff and suffering nearly $4B in sales nationwide.

That’s when Canada Takeout came to lead the rescue with Canada Takeout Day.

What is Canada Takeout Day?

The official date for kick-off was Wednesday, April 15th.

However, the mission is to make every Wednesday #TakeoutDay. Therefore, Canada Takeout’s web and social channels will continue to promote restaurants and their takeout initiatives until doors to restaurant dining rooms across Canada are permitted to reopen and their staff can go back to work.

Why is Canada Takeout Day happening?

The times have changed, and so has our favourite industry. Restaurants across Canada are making adjustments and doing their best to keep the lights on, but it’s not easy.

We want to preserve the flavour of our communities and ensure that our local food spots are here after this is over. That’s why we’re encouraging Canadians to take a much-needed break from cooking and cleaning and order takeout from a restaurant every Wednesday; a fun, new tradition that’ll save the livelihoods of millions.

Canada Takeout

Who else is behind Canada Takeout Day?

Canada Takeout Day is funded by the brands, distributors and suppliers who work with restaurants Canada-wide. For a full list, click here.

What is being done to promote #TakeoutDay?

Canada Takeout is actively implementing a nationwide public relations and digital media strategy including, but not limited to, broadcast media, chef and culinary instructor outreach, press releases, foodservice digital publications, influencer outreach and brand partnerships.

Where can people find participating restaurants?

On CanadaTakeout.com via the Restaurant Finder.


1. Spread the word. Promote #TakeoutDay on your social media channels using @CanadaTakeOut (TW, FB & IG) + #TakeoutDay.

2. Eating together. Encourage your followers to order takeout every Wednesday possible.

3. The more, the merrier. Tag your 10 favourite local restaurants in your social media posts and let them know that they can add their business to the website restaurant finder map if they’re offering takeout. This map is free for those restaurants to upload to.

All promotional materials and social media assets have been put into one place for easy access. Click here.