Tales, Tidings, and Tips; A Holiday Message From Branding And Buzzing

Tales, Tidings, and Tips; A Holiday Message From Branding And Buzzing

Toronto, ON (December 9, 2019) – The holiday season is here and many brands across the country have been executing their holiday campaigns. PR In Canada reached out to a members of the community to do more than just send in their holiday card, they wanted to give their readers some tales, tidings, and tips. Here was our contribution.

1. Brands Need To …. In 2020

Sean – Understand your purpose going into your digital strategy, including on social; what do you do, why do you do it, what is your customer journey?

Marian – Build a brand book so we can build your brand.

2. Influencers Need To … in 2020

Sean – We’d like to see them better understand the business behind the brands and to give what they expect toward their own business efforts like giving and receiving answers to contact in a timely fashion.

Marian – As we begin looking beyond vanity metrics and more towards engagement rates and content impressions I encourage Influencer to learn how to pull these statistics so as they participate in brand campaigns and that they provide these insights conveniently in time for a brand or agency’s program wrap-up activities. Also learn more about branded partnerships and whitelisting; it’s fascinating stuff and creates a better return for both sides of the collaboration. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into events. Influencers, when you get invited don’t cancel day of or not show up. We sell your “brand” to our clients and when you aren’t invested in us, how can you expect us to invest in you?

3. Biggest moment of pride during 2019

Sean – Hosted at Stackt Market, a relatively new retail and event concept space in Toronto, we held a branded event on Day of the Dead weekend for a Mexican soda client, complete with great passionate partners, an engaging pre-event social strategy and colourful ad buys. Even with the overlap of other city goings on, and the rainy weather, over 7500 people attended, packing the rooms in which our activities were taking place. It was amazing!

4. Biggest change to the public relations industry during 2019

Sean – The biggest change it that the industry is starting to stabilize after the digital disruption of the 2010’s

Marian – There have been major shifts in the types of audiences watching and reading content. PR is never going to stay what it’s “always been” and I believe broadcasting, and the brands who use it, will continue to move toward non-traditional avenues like YouTube or IGTV. The former has value, but the latter has just as much, if not more.

5. We are Thankful for

Mutual – Our great team full of people who are knowledgeable, agile and absolutely fun to work with. We’re so lucky to have them because we’re always trying to push them to do better, to know more and try new things, and they’re always up for the challenge.