Stop Chasing the Wild Goose KPI VS METRICS

Stop Chasing the Wild Goose

Too many modern marketers make the mistake of pinning their focus and attention on shiny vanity metrics followers, clicks, likes, impressions, and page views. Vanity metrics are indicators; don’t ignore them, but don’t confuse them for top-level goals. If you can’t give likes and shares an actual dollar value, they aren’t worth your single-minded focus.
Hitting “X” number of page views or “X” number of likes may feel good, but tactics need to drive revenue, profit, or stakeholder value. Until marketers have a solid grasp on Business 101, there’s no way they can or should develop a marketing strategy with any expectation that it will work—and the C-suite knows it.

KPIs vs. Metrics

KPIs must have Targets Specific timeframes for achieving targets,
Be relevant to business outcomes
Metrics are
Anything measurable
May not have direct line of sight to business outcomes
May not be a KPI
Every KPl is a metric, but not every metric is a KPI.
Metrics support KPIs, KPIs support business goals and objectives

KPis will help you monitor the health of the business, metrics may support exploration/diagnostics into areas that can be optimized but in themselves, do not necessarily point to the health of the business
KPIs should be SMART. SMART stands for = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound