McCormick for Chefs


Foodservice is 40% of McCormick’s business so what chefs think of them is important.


Every year, McCormick reaches out to top chefs with trends and ingredients, then encourages those chefs to create custom recipes using the brand’s signature spices/seasonings, offer up tips to other chefs and star in sharable, valuable content.



We set aggressive goals for all our programs and this one was no exception:


  • to position McCormick as an authentic, informed and passionate foodservice leader + to build McCormick’s reputation for superiority, menu solutions & inspiration.
  • to expose top chefs to more McCormick products
  • to be a resource for the foodservice community
  • to engage foodservice professionals in conversation
  • to establish McCormick as the thought leader and purvey or of quality flavours.
  • and to create content that would inspire other chefs to use McCormick products in their kitchens.

In 2016 McCormick were determined to do a better job with this program. They saw our “chefs-as-influencers” approach and thought we would be good fit for them. Our chefs created inspirational “share-worthy” content that showcased the McCormick difference, including pictures, interviews, recipes, mise-en-place videos and tips.


We were asked to reimagine the program, assign clear goals, promote the program through a targeted digital marketing campaign and execute the program across the United States.


We used the content our chefs provided to drive more targeted traffic to the McCormick website and social media channels.

We also spearheaded the digital marketing effort. This included content creation for organic stories, Facebook & Instagram ads, and conversation engineering so chefs could reach out and learn more.


We expanded the McCormick for Chefs program
and grew McCormick’s influence across the foodservice space.


Brought new chefs into the fold.


Encouraged them to participate.


Socialized and shared the content they created.

We also spearheaded the digital marketing effort, which included content creation for organic stories, Facebook and Instagram ads and conversation engineering so chefs could get in touch and learn more.




Eating our way across America and meeting amazing chefs with amazing ideas.



Being in America’s trendiest kitchens, seeing what gifted chefs could do with their products and getting inspired for next year’s innovations