Matt Dean Pettit

Matt is the founder of the successful wholesale and retail seafood company, MATTY’S SEAFOOD RETAIL LINE. He also ran the very popular Rock Lobster restaurants (2012-2016).

Matt Dean Pettit
Matt Dean Pettit Great Shellfish Cookbook

Matt’s latest exciting project, THE GREAT SHELLFISH COOKBOOK: FROM SEA TO TABLEwas published by Appetite by Random House. His first book, THE GREAT LOBSTER COOKBOOK: FROM CLAW TO TAIL, is a critically acclaimed bestseller.

Originally published October 26, 2015


Tell us a bit about the work you’ve done with Branding and Buzzing.


10 years ago, I met Sean while he was working in the Fashion industry, and a few years later I met Marian while attending a Chuck Hughes book signing and we hit it off immediately. I’ve worked closely with the Branding and Buzzing team to launch The Great Rock Lobster Cookbook and develop Matty’s Seafood line. From social media to restaurant branding, the team has a 360 full service approach that has helped build my brand as a whole.


What are some of the challenges you face working in the restaurant social media space?


Consumers expect answers right away. So making sure that you can deliver those answers is crucial. Complaints are another challenge I’ve come across while owning my three restaurants. Handling these complaints effectively must be done in a sensitive way since your feedback can be viewed by the entire social media space.


What upcoming social media trends do you see in the restaurant industry? 


Everything is fast paced and digital now. Consumers want to learn about where their food is coming from in a fun approachable way. From Periscope to real life Instagram videos people want that cinematic experience from food. Another trend in the restaurant industry is Tastemade, a video network built for the mobile generation. What they do is enable tastemakers to share their passion for food by sharing their stories of travel adventures and cultural and local flavours, all digitally.


How do you see Social Marketing evolving in the next few years?


Social marketing is here to stay and it’s evolving at an astronomical rate. I see social media marketing in the restaurant world becoming much more relevant. Nowadays, chefs are seen as celebrities of their restaurants so to speak, and they represent a much bigger picture. If you look at Jamie Oliver and the work he’s done fighting for food education or Chef David Chang, founder of Momofuku Restaurant Group, and how he’s shaped modern Asian cuisine. People want the big picture.


What’s one thing everyone should know about you?


Something people may not know about me is my extreme passion for sports. Nothing beats a tailgating party while indulging in snack foods.


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