Jarritos is a well-known Mexican soft drink. In 2017, they chose us as their inaugural Agency of Record in Canada.


We came back to them with a full to-market strategy that included content creation and curation, influencer marketing, social media advertising and engagement tactics.



  • to increase Jarritos brand awareness among consumers
  • to position Jarritos as a must-stock for foodservice operators
  • to drive Jarritos-inspired creativity among bartenders and mixologists


We also put Jarritos front and centre at the Taste of Toronto where we sampled our #SuperGood sodas and offered Jarritos cocktails crafted by Altos Tequila.


As the brand took hold in the Canadian market, we were able to leverage our relationships with local Mexican restaurants to host special events like Day of the Dead with Jarritos at La Carnita and the MexicAsian Mashup at Kanpai Snack Bar.


We assumed full responsibility of the Jarritos brand in Canada, which included:


Original photography and recipe creation for their website and social feeds


An influencer marketing program complete with sample product and clear instructions
on what, when and how to promote the brand


A bartender/mixologist program that led to a bevy of new cocktails featuring Jarritos



Jarritos has become THE Mexican soda in Canada: the “Behind The Bar” FOH program has
become super popular with bartenders, mixologists and patrons, and our influencers have
had a ton of fun with the brand, producing some of the best photographs we have.



Seeing how versatile Jarritos flavours are, how creative our bartenders and mixologists get with the product, sampling the cocktails they come up with and, of course, trying to make them ourselves. It’s led to a few fun nights.



How well-received their brand has been here, how quickly their brand has become a staple item in Mexican-Canadian restaurants and beyond, and how they’ve become a legitimate alternative to traditional Canadian soft drinks.