How to Build Brand Trust with Everyday Influencers

How to Build Brand Trust with Everyday Influencers

When you personally browse your Instagram feed and come across a post from a brand you like, or even a competitor, what is your inner reaction to its message?

Studies have shown that 57% of consumers don’t see authenticity in content published on social media by more than 50% of the brands they see on the networks.

However, as the digital and marketing landscape continues to change and pivot due to current events including the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday influencers are publishing content that’s more personalized and authentic than ever thanks to at-home creative sessions and grassroots content creation thinking.

The difference between your typical influencer and your everyday influencer (aka micro-influencer)? Everyday influencers come off as regular people, posting authentically as themselves about their daily life while sharing an enthusiasm for brands they truly enjoy to audiences of 100-1000.

Most of all, they have the voice of a customer, not a salesperson.

There has never been a better time for brands anywhere to start thinking about how an everyday influencer can contribute to the success, and even the starting or strategization stages, of their campaigns – mutually beneficial relationships are key, especially right now.

Because they’re community-minded, and not just walking billboards, everyday influencers are excitable when it comes to being approached by brands, and typically cannot wait to create user-generated, branded content for businesses while contributing to a business’ user reviews as well as their own social feeds.

Consumers themselves are also excitable when it comes to everyday influencer campaigns because they’re 9.8x more likely to purchase a product they’ve seen promoted by a relatable peer than an aesthetic and ad-heavy traditional influencer.

When you pair up with an everyday influencer, it’s your prime opportunity to refresh your marketing campaigns with new, improved launches, brand awareness wins, consumer engagement and evergreen user-generated content – all without the high costs, complications and wait times that come with collaborating with busier, higher rate influencers and creators.

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