Honibe® launches HoneyPops™ the first pure honey throat lollipop for kids

Honibe® launches HoneyPops™ the first pure honey throat lollipop for kids

Charlottetown, PE (February 11, 2021) – Honibe® announced today the launch of HoneyPops™, the first (up to) 99% pure honey lollipop for kids that soothes sore throats naturally.

Honibe HoneyPops

HoneyPops are manufactured in Prince Edward Island, Canada, using up to four all-natural ingredients including Canadian honey, menthol, natural flavour, and natural colour. They have no added sugar and are available in kid-friendly cherry, strawberry, lemon, and natural honey.

Scott Spencer, President of Honibe sees this product as a continuation of the company’s mission to bring natural honey products to every family. “We believe in the natural healing powers of honey,” says Spencer. “After extensive research, we’ve created a convenient sore-throat solution to help soothe kids using a flavourful lollipop while helping parents visibly monitor consumption.”

Honibe uses the patented Honibe® Technology to turn honey into a solid form that’s scientifically proven to retain its natural antioxidant, prebiotic, and immune-stimulating benefits. Honibe HoneyPops are made with (up to) 99% pure honey which has a significantly lower glycemic index than sugar, making it healthier than sugar-based alternatives. They’re Kosher, gluten-free, and give parents a healthy natural option their kids will like.

Continuing extensive scientific research to provide customers with effective and natural honey-based solutions yields Honibe innovations like Melatonin Gummie Bees™ for sleep support, Complete Multivitamins with Immune Support for adults and children, best-sellers like Vitamin D and Omega-3, lozenges, and everyday products like Honey Drops pure solid honey.

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About Island Abbey Foods:

Island Abbey Foods Ltd®., owners of the Honibe® brand, produces natural health products and specialty foods that pursue health and wellness with the fewest ingredients possible. After shattering a jar of liquid honey while hiking, Honibe founder John Rowe invented a better way to travel with honey. Research led to the patented Honibe® Technology – the only pure solid honey in the world scientifically proven to retain its natural health benefits.