Foodservice – Experiential Marketing

Let’s create opportunities for you to shine.


Let’s invite the country’s best chefs to cook with your products and teach you and your sales teams a few things about what your food can do.

Then let’s invite the customers you want to learn what you’ve learned.

How do you like your BBQ?


We’ll find culinary associations, chef scholarships and competitions, hospitality programs and other opportunities that make sense for you to participate in, then get you in and make you shine.


  • Drive trial with giveaways and contests that integrate well into the program.
  • Introduce chefs to your product and get them trying it.
  • Put your logo in all the right places.


We’ll create a day or multi-day event starring your brand and give chefs, restaurants, foodservice operations and mixologists an easy way to participate.


  • Recruit social media influencers to participate.
  • Show up to a well-planned, well-designed and very well-run event.
  • Look forward to the next event being better than the last one.

Discover how we placed product on the lines of Canada’s top culinary scholarship competitors.


We’ll educate your people so they can educate their people, demonstrate your products’ value and show potential customers how best to use it.


  • Line up top chefs, facilitators and experts.
  • Host well-run industry events at top locations attended by operators and decision-makers.
  • Use the workshops to identify future influencers.