Foodservice – Public Relations

Let’s put you on the front page


Let’s give the press stories about your brand and products worth covering.

Let’s identify foodservice writers you want in your corner and get them there.

Press Releases

We’ll attract the right trade media with the right parts of your story. We’ll write the release, get to the right outlets and ensure whatever’s written positions your brand as valuable for foodservice operators.

Tap into the journey, Tapas Journey.

Media Kits

We’ll make it easy for industry publications, food writers and chefs to understand your story and the benefits you bring to foodservice. Your media kit will have soundbites and blurbs to fit the general foodservice editorial style, and be customized for specific outlets as needed.

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Event Management

We’ll line up the right culinary experts and industry leaders for your press junkets, and prep them with whatever they need to make your function a success. We can create a theme, manage your guest lists, produce swag and come up with unforgettable demonstrations.

Media Partnerships

We’ll connect you with the food brands that best align with yours at festivals and tradeshows, help you make strategic alliances and leverage them to attract more foodservice operators.

“We have been active at many amazing events with B&B over the years including Toronto’s Festival of Beer where they cleverly featured our products. It has always been fun and rewarding working with this group of young and dynamic, results-oriented people.”


Peter Neal, Co-Owner

– Neal Bros