Consumer Brands

Consumer Brands – Social Media Management

Let’s talk about your food.


Let’s give people recipes. Let’s discuss quality and how you guarantee it. Let’s highlight at-home cooks and professional chefs using your brand differently or interestingly or super-awesomely. And let’s post lots of pics and videos — everybody loves drool-worthy content.


We’ll pinpoint your audience, how they like to learn about food and what they want to hear from a brand like yours.


  • Define your customers with thorough personas.
  • Identify opportunities on your existing channels and set up new channels as necessary.
  • Set aggressive but realistic short- and long-term goals.

Content Calendars

We’ll create your story, deliver it day by day and make sure it’s always worth reading, watching and sharing.


  • Develop a strong voice and a gorgeous look.
  • Frame your messages to fit your channels.
  • Show people what makes you different, and get them talking about it.


We’ll publish consistently across your channels so you’re always front and centre in people’s minds, and always for a different reason.


  • Receive content in advance for approvals.
  • Manage the conversations your content spurs and keep them moving in the right direction.
  • Anticipate platform/channel changes/updates and tweak accordingly.


We’ll track everything so you know what’s working well, what could be working better and by how far you exceeded your goals.


  • Have easy-to-understand reports you can share with less-than-savvy colleagues.
  • Identify potential advocates and ambassadors.
  • Reset goals as they’re met and exceeded.

“Throughout the process of finding the right AOR for Jarritos, we thought Branding & Buzzing was the best fit. One of the key factors was that they provided the most amount of transparency in making sure that we understood the services that would be provided by going through each one with us.” 


Vince Di Maria, President & Owner

– JL International