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Consumer Brands – Public Relations

Let’s put you on the front page


Let’s give the press stories about your brand and products worth covering. Let’s identify reporters you want in your corner and get them there. And let’s make sure they see only what you want them to see.

Press Releases

We’ll bring out the best aspects of your story and put them in front of the right media outlets. Just tell us what you want the press to know — we’ll handle the writing, trafficking and follow up, and we’ll make sure your story’s written the right way.

Media Kits

We’ll make it easy for media outlets and bloggers to tell your complete story. Your media kit will give any publisher everything they need to know about you, complete with soundbites and blurbs that fit their editorial style.

Event Management

We’ll make sure press junkets go off without a hitch, from guest lists to demonstrations to follow-ups. We can theme it to a campaign, bring in guest presenters, produce swag and more. You’ll have a great time, your guests will have a better time and everyone will leave with what they need to tell the world your story.


Media Partnerships

We’ll find the brands that best align with yours, and put you next to them in cool competitions, events, exposés and campaigns. From there, you can make strategic alliances, get insights you won’t get on your own and expand your customer base.

It’s always a pleasure talking pitches with the team at Branding & Buzzing. They consistently deliver from clear, concise ideas and on-time arrivals to high-energy, approachable special guest appearances to beautiful, full set preparations. I can also always count on them when in need of interesting, interactive last-minute tv segments.


Tracey HowlandSr. Segment Producer – Breakfast Television