Consumer Brands

Consumer Brands – Influencer Marketing

Let’s get the right people cooking and eating.


Let’s help influencers and content creators grow their reach and boost their credibility with cool ways to use your products. They’ll return the favour by showcasing your brand to their audience, and everybody wins.

Brand In Hand

We’ll give your product to talented influencers who’ll create a story about it that their fans will love. We’ll make sure they have everything they need to highlight the right features and benefits, and do your brand justice.

Share & Socialize

We’ll mass-curate influencers with broad reach and send them customized content to share with their followers over a set time. This “burst” approach gives you instant exposure to multiple audiences from people they trust.


We put multiple groups of influencers together, pick a night and send them out on a menu crawl to experience your brand’s offer. You’ll maximize your exposure with each group member’s unique audience with lots of conversations taking place at one time. And because we provide the influencers with tools to guide their content creation, your brand message stays on point and gets the right kind of buzz.