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Consumer Brands – Experiential Marketing

Let’s create a moment.


Let’s show people a great time and get them to forever associate it with your brand.

And let’s get a few celebs in on it to make it all even more memorable.

Virtual Workshops

Engage in real-time conversations with your target markets while captivating them with on-brand activities that bring your products to the forefront.


  • Increase your guest list in a digital venue.
  • Repurpose workshops post-event on your brand’s social channels.
  • Host interactive education sessions, Q&A’s and activities for less than in-person event costs.

See how we launched into the online tasting space with American Whiskeys.

Virtual Tastings

We’ll bring the tastes of your brand to the comfort of consumers’ homes while hosting demonstrations online to audiences of five, ten or tens of thousands.


  • Maintain front of mind brand awareness online and offline.
  • Reach larger audiences in numerous markets simultaneously.
  • Create custom packages that can safely, easily be sent to participants’ homes.

Check out what these Toronto artisans created when they got to JAM out with Bonne Maman.


Experiential marketing is engagement marketing, and your consumers are more likely to buy if they have an active personal connection to your brand. Whether in your favourite event venue or in a limitless virtual space, one-on-one interactivity not only builds sales but also brand loyalty.


We’ll find festivals, dinner series and other opportunities that make sense for you to participate in, then get you in and make you shine.


  • Drive trial with giveaways and contests.
  • Put your logo in all the right places.
  • Find future partners and make them your friends.

See how we can bring your guests places like where all good food begins; the farm.


We’ll put you in the thick of the action with a booth worth visiting. We’ll design, staff and manage the logistics from build-up to tear-down.


  • Deliver a unique experience.
  • Engage visitors with a memorable brand activation.
  • Encourage product sampling and social sharing that turns prospects into customers.

“Thank you to the Branding & Buzzing team for putting together awesome events. I love how the agency owners attend, have fun and get right in there – you never see that!  I love the personal touch.  You guys truly rock.  Keep up the amazing work.  Anything you need, it’s yours!”


Pina Crispo – ‘Today’s Parent’ Radio Host & Content Creator

Throwback to a tasty tapas festival, #PintxosTO!


We’ll create a day or multi-day event starring you, and make sure everyone there has a chance to sample your products and experience your brand.


  • Recruit influential people and restaurants to participate in your campaigns.
  • Show up to a well-planned, well-designed and very well-run event.
  • Look forward to the next event being better than the last one.

We took Jarritos Canada behind the bar of top local restaurants for a little cocktail time.


We’ll prepare and deliver a hands-on education session featuring your brand or products, demonstrate its value and show people how best to use it.


  • Line up top instructors, facilitators and experts.
  • Host well-run events at top locations that attract top influencers.
  • Use the workshops to identify future influencers.