Consumer Brands - Content creation

Consumer Brands – Content Creation

Let’s make you look delicious.


Let’s take gorgeous pictures and make gorgeous videos. Let’s give new products memorable names, logos and looks. Let’s share delectable stories about your brand, customers and staff. And let’s get other people to share them too.

Food styling

We’ll make mouths water and stomachs grumble.


  • Get perfect shots of your food and beverages.
  • Enhance your pictures with props and accoutrements.
  • Customize images to work across different channels.

Our photographers will have consumers scooping up your content.

Art Direction

We’ll create event, product and brand logos, build templates you can use for content, and guide photographers, videographers and motion graphics designers according to your vision.


  • Recruit the best talent for your campaigns.
  • Sign off on robust creative briefs.
  • See full mock-ups and storyboards before production begins.

Our writing takes your brand from our pen to their bookmarks.


We’ll build you a library of images you can use for marketing materials, presentations & pitches, and internal communication pieces.


  • Have pro photographers at your events.
  • Secure top locations and talent.
  • Capture the deliciousness of your products.

We know how to make your product look good in a snap.


We’ll give your brand a recognizable voice and apply it to any message you want to deliver.


  • Publish press releases, announcements and newsletters worth reading.
  • Have an awesome blog with easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Write or rewrite your ads and website as necessary.

Take in a slice of our latest La Rocca photoshoot.


We’ll document your events, capturing the details, the guests, the energy and the behind-the-scenes story of how it all came together so well.


  • Evaluate concepts and storyboards for pre-approval.
  • Get pre-production, production and post-production in one place.
  • Cut the footage into as many pieces as you need.

Graphic design can make your content creativity limitless.

Graphic Design

We’ll give you a new look and apply it to all your materials and channels, or maintain an existing look and do the same.


  • Have eye-catching newsletters, social media posts, ads and presentations.
  • Design or redesign your website.
  • Give new products or sub-brands clutter-cutting logos.