Claudio Aprile

Claudio Aprile is one of Canada’s most celebrated and visionary chefs and is the owner and creative force behind the growing ORDERFIRE RESTAURANT GROUP and COPETIN RESTAURANT & BAR.

Claudio Aprile
Claudio Aprile Masterchef Canada

You can watch for Claudio on CTV’s MASTERCHEF CANADA, now in it’s sixth season, where he takes on the coveted role of culinary judge. We caught up with Claudio on his journey as a chef, the biggest challenge he had to overcome as a restaurateur and much more.

Originally published March 1, 2016


You have been referred as one of the most innovative and creative chefs in Canada. How did you get there? 


I have a profound respect for cooking. When I was just five years old I told my mother that I would become a chef one day. Cooking was my first choice, no plan B, no fall back. Creativity is subjective; it resonates on so many different levels. It depends on how you feel, the people you share it with, so many factors. I chose cooking because of the creative process, the freedom to create something new, something that conveys who I am. The main driving force behind everything I do though is curiosity. The other main ingredient is embracing the potential of failure. Most of the iconic dishes that we enjoy began as an idea that failed several times before it was a success. I never lose sight of this.


What was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome as a restaurateur?


The biggest challenge we all face is also what makes the restaurant game so exciting. Constant change and a very competitive playing field.


Tell us a bit about the work you’ve done with Branding and Buzzing.


I’m really excited and honoured to be working with Branding and Buzzing. Marian Staresinic and Sean Beckingham have a vast knowledge and passion for the hospitality industry. Their ability to create strategic partnerships has allowed me to further showcase my growing portfolio of projects.


How do you see collaborative marketing for restaurants evolving in the next few years?


The restaurant business is evolving at an incredible pace. With the influx of technology and social media there are so many exciting new platforms to connect with your guests and further enhance your business.


What’s one thing everyone should know about you?


I can chop wood, start a fire and cook for you.


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