Cattlemen’s® Calls for Canadian Chefs to ‘Que Greatness with BBQ Sauce Line Additions

Cattlemen’s® Calls for Canadian Chefs to ‘Que Greatness with BBQ Sauce Line Additions

Toronto, ON (Nov 5, 2020) – A global leader in flavour, McCormick & Company announced in 2017 the acquisition of Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauces, along with French’s condiments and Frank’s RedHot® Sauce. Cattlemen’s® BBQ Sauce is already one of the leading BBQ sauces in the United States and is now rolling out to foodservice operators in Canada with great success.

Crafted as a base sauce, flavour enhancer or dish finish, Cattlemen’s versatile BBQ Sauces are made with no artificial colours, flavours, starches or fillers, creating authentic BBQ taste with a rich tomato paste, no matter the restaurant niche or cuisine type. The original six flavours include Carolina Tangy Gold ™, Kansas City Classic, Memphis Sweet, Mississippi Honey, Texas Smoky Base and the St. Louis Original Base, all with the versatility, extendibility and stickability you’d expect from a premium BBQ sauce brand.

In addition to growing the brand’s presence in the Canadian foodservice market, Cattlemen’s has just released two new flavours to their BBQ sauce line-up. Cattlemen’s Chipotle BBQ Sauce features a tangy combination of their signature tomato base and smoky-sweet pepper, perfect for seafood, pork, beef and chicken. Cattlemen’s Kentucky Bourbon Sauce presents chefs with a warm, spicy finish for meats derived from a mix of rich tomato paste, sweet molasses and smooth bourbon.

“We’re proud to add these two new flavours to our lineup,” says Juriaan Snellen, Executive Corporate Chef for McCormick Canada. “They’re designed for the operator who’s looking for a consistent, ready-to-use product.

“The Chipotle has a beautiful mouth-warming heat that finishes with a smoky note, all made with real chipotle pepper. The Kentucky Bourbon is one I’m excited about as we’re seeing an increase in alcohol-based BBQ sauces across the market. Kentucky Bourbon contains real bourbon… these are flavours that will not die off when you cook with the product. You’ll actually intensify the real flavours.

“I encourage everyone to try them; you won’t be disappointed.”

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