Canada Takeout Expands Platform, Urges Canadians To Make #TakeoutDay A Staple

Canada Takeout Expands Platform, Urges Canadians To Make #TakeoutDay A Staple

Toronto, ON (Nov. 26, 2020) – When Canada Takeout (CT) first launched near the beginning of the pandemic, on April 15th, the goal was to turn Wednesday into #TakeoutDay as a way to support local restaurants.

As the lockdowns begin again across the country, the CT concept is being rejigged to move beyond Wednesdays. Based on the previous success of #TakeoutDay on Wednesdays, the creators behind Canada Takeout have evolved the concept to encourage Canadians make takeout a regular part of their week on any day, in support of local restaurants.

“From March until September, the restaurant market Canada-wide lost $11B in sales,” explained Robert Carter, a Managing Partner with The StratonHunter Group. “Research at Dalhousie University now suggests that, of consumer spending, over $6B will shift from the grocery and on-premise restaurant category to the online space.”

“Even when we get back to somewhat of a normal environment once there’s a vaccine and the pandemic eventually comes to an end, the online growth has been so dramatic in changing behaviour that it will continue to be a strong area for restaurants” said Carter.

Carter projects customers will be leveraging the digital relationships they have with their favourite restaurants much more than they did previously. This is where CT’s consumer-facing restaurant map, takeout-centric blog and newsletter will be so valuable to potential customers: it will be seamless for customers to find, order from and support their local restaurants and restaurateurs.

CT’s new platform is designed around themed occasions and culinary diversity (supported by brands like French’s, Campbell’s, and Frank’s RedHot, and points Canadians to restaurants that serve the featured dishes.

Restaurant operators wishing to get involved with CT can apply on the CT website. Benefits include dish spotlight opportunities, product rebates via an industry newsletter and a consumer-targeted newsletter, which is coming soon.

Both consumer and foodservice brands can follow the CT story on LinkedIn.

About Canada Takeout: We’re here to remind Canadians to make takeout a regular part of their meal planning, to support your local restaurants, and to celebrate delicious food.

Restaurants are a key component of our economy and our communities. We believe that supporting them by ordering takeout demonstrates our commitment to the diversity and culture that makes Canada what it is – all while helping our restauranteurs to stay afloat. What’s not to love?

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The mission is simple: order takeout.