Takeout Day



Canada Takeout is a grassroots initiative that launched in April 2020 as a national response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the country’s foodservice industry.


With a mission to keep restaurants open despite heavy restrictions and widespread closures, the movement rallied Canadians to support their local establishments by ordering takeout each week on #TakeoutDay.



  • To recruit and engage restaurateurs to participate and engage.
  • To provide consumers with an active restaurant finder + “inspo” for takeout.
  • To drive takeout orders and organic consumer-generated content.
  • To call attention to foodservice niches worthy of discovery and exploration, from BBQ Day to Plant-Based Day to World Day and everything in between.
  • To give Canadians reasons to try new foods from new restaurants every week.


The effort motivated consumers to try new dishes, go back to old favourites and call attention to niche tastes worth exploring.



At the end of 2020, for our efforts in launching and managing Canada Takeout alongside partners, sponsors and restaurateurs nationwide, Branding & Buzzing was designated, among others, 2020 Hospitality Heroes by Kostuch Media, known for their publication Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine.


“Helping restaurants isn’t just the right thing to do, it is also good economic sense: restaurants and hospitality businesses are a key component of our economy and some of our largest employers. Staresinic and Beckingham believe that supporting them by ordering takeout demonstrates a commitment to the diversity and culture that makes Canada what it is—all while helping our restaurateurs to stay afloat. What’s not to love?” – Stacey Newman, Sustain Magazine.


Our team took an all-hands-on-deck approach to support foodservice


Website and social account launches + ongoing map and database management


Long-term sponsorship and media buy programming including food holiday partnerships and sponsored content in digital, television and print


Three promotional entertainment variety shows with Canadian celebrities in partnership with Canada’s Great Kitchen Party − Home Edition



#TakeoutDay became a recognized weekly occurrence by both consumers and restaurant operators across Canada. Plus, restaurateurs across the board have openly credited promotional efforts in conjunction with Canada Takeout as part of the reason they’ve been able to survive the challenges of 2020.



“Our restaurant is only alive because we were able to pivot to a takeout/delivery model. The very first Canada Takeout Day saw an uptick of around 75% in sales over the previous Wednesday! The only explanation was the advertising and promotion around #TakeoutDay.”



“Launching this initiative of #TakeoutDay really makes us as an industry feel supported. This trend of supporting restaurants during this difficult time has helped us significantly in being able to support our staff, community and customers.”