Takeout Programming, Foodservice Dedication Serves Agency Branding & Buzzing A Brighter Spotlight

Takeout Programming, Foodservice Dedication Serves Agency Branding & Buzzing A Brighter Spotlight

Toronto, ON (Nov 26, 2020) – After 10+ years working with chefs, restaurateurs and brands across Canada’s foodservice landscape, Toronto marketing agency Branding & Buzzing jumped into action this past March to help foodservice owners and operators.

Not happy to sit by and watch the industry struggle, Sean Beckingham and Marian Staresinic, Branding & Buzzing’s founders and principals, took action.

On April 15th, Canada Takeout was launched, complete with restaurant listings, takeout listicles and restaurant-generated content encouraging Canadians to make takeout part of their weekly routine.

Six months later, the movement is as important as ever — especially as we eventually head into the winter months. The agency renewed its Canada Takeout strategies for the next phase of the program, and has garnered unexpected attention and recognition.

PR in Canada’s Women in Communications, Marketing & Technology Awards: At this prestigious event, Marian was named the Executive or Manager of the year, Aimee Cook won Account Director or Supervisor of the Year and Shanley Gibb won Agency Account Manager of the Year.

“Aimee, Marian and Shanley are so deserving of the recognition of their hard work and commitment to the brands and companies they work with,” said Ellen Pruden, Director of Canola Eat Well, an active client of the agency. “They’re a powerhouse of women that brings strategic thinking, collaboration and success to the Canola Eat Well programming.”

Kostuch Media Ltd.’s Pinnacle Awards program: Foodservice and Hospitality and Hotelier is presenting Hospitality Heroes together this year and Branding & Buzzing is one of six on the list to be recognized.

“When it came time to choosing individuals and companies that managed to bring their A teams together to help the community, Marian and Sean came to mind,” said Rosanna Caira, editor and publisher of KML. “They moved quickly to galvanize the industry, bringing operators and suppliers together to create and support Canada Takeout. Their idea fuelled a surge in takeout sales and reinforced the importance of foodservice and hospitality to the fabric of our Canadian community.”

On December 4th, the team will share their Canada Takeout journey live on a webcast roundtable, and discuss the challenges they faced, the operators they met and how it feels to help out. Register HERE for free and hear Sean and Marian share their story and highlight the impact of their actions on the industry.

“I hope more chefs and restaurateurs see what we’re doing and realize they’re not alone in this,” said Marian in advance of the roundtable. “We want to help as many operators as we can. We seem to have a working model and we’re excited to see what Canada Takeout 2.0 can do.”