Bonne Maman® popularity is spreading thanks to new INTENSE flavours

Bonne Maman® popularity is spreading thanks to new INTENSE flavours

Toronto, ON (Sep 30, 2020) – Globally recognized for their famous jams, complete with their iconic handwritten labels, Bonne Maman® is following up on the long-term success of their original products with two new additions to their INTENSE Fruit Spreads line, Orange and Cherry, now available in select stores nationwide.

With consumers consciously aware of their nutritional intake, and 46% reporting intentionally avoiding sugary goods, Bonne Maman®’s innovative INTENSE additions to their legacy brand are made with more fruits and 38% less sugar than the common jam. Currently available in Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry and Wild Blueberry, the Bonne Maman® INTENSE line offers consumers the best of both worlds: natural fruit flavours mixed with a smooth texture and visible fruit pieces.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of fruit spreads available in Canada, and offered at retailers worldwide, Bonne Maman® is the #2 brand in Canada’s Jams, Jellies and Marmalades category with three flavours in Nielsen’s top 10 of 52-week national sales (in dollars, week ending 06/20/20).

Bonne Maman® has partnered with Canadian TV personality and two-time cookbook author Christine Tizzard to produce unique recipes and virtual workshops that can be enjoyed from home. “I have been a fan of Bonne Maman for over 20 years now. It’s the only brand of jams I buy because they truly know how to capture the essence of fruit in those jars. I especially am loving the new INTENSE line and I find I am using them up more and more in recipes or to accompany dishes. From adding a spoonful into my overnight oats to stirring some into a pan sauce, it is an easy way to add a burst of fruit flavour.”

The brand is also working with content creators across Canada to create recipes and feature giveaways on their social channels.

Canadians are encouraged to take Bonne Maman® INTENSE Fruit Spreads out of the jar for baking, cooking, cocktails or eating straight off the spoon, and can start with this Spiced Tofu and Vegetable Tagine recipe.

Planning for the holidays? The annual Bonne Maman® advent calendar is now available for purchase in select grocery stores across Canada.

For more information on Bonne Maman® products, including INTENSE flavours and recipes:

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