Branding & Buzzing : Who We Are in 2024

Branding & Buzzing: Who We Are in 2024


We take pride in our deliberate boutique agency of 14+ years, a choice driven by our passion for genuine connections. As agency partners, we genuinely appreciate and enjoy working directly with clients, selecting brands that resonate with us. Unlike agencies that overload themselves with numerous clients, we carefully choose the ones we truly value. Maintaining constant communication with our clients is a cornerstone of our approach. At our agency, we prioritize stability to avoid the frequent turnover seen in other agencies, which often leads to knowledge gaps and workflow slowdowns. Our clients stay with us for the long haul, often spanning over five years with frequent renewals and expanded business relationships.

At our core, we are all about fostering a social atmosphere around food, and every team member shares this belief, making it an integral part of our agency’s identity.

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Sean Beckingham & Marian Staresinic

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