Every year we hear another buzzword in Marketing. The latest thing the clients are looking for is Native Advertising.

Native Advertising

Before you dive into a full blown Native Advertising campaign ask yourself do you know what is it? Do you know what it will do for you? There is a concern that traditional editorial vs advertising line is become burred. Everyone has an opinion regarding the good, the bad and the ugly with Native Advertising. Many marketers think Native Advertising will replace traditional advertising. This is a pretty bold statement but if the current trend continues we more and more clients looking to switch marketing strategies.

Shannon LaMorre, from Olive media has a pretty decent explanation. She says “If you ask several people how they define native advertising, chances are you will get several different answers – everything from advertorial to branded entertainment to content marketing. From my perspective, there are a couple of very important characteristics that make an advertisement truly native. It has “sponsor” identification such as “advertisement”, “sponsored” or “paid post”, to ensure the reader is aware of its origin. It also has the look and feel of the website’s content within which it appears such that is not jarring or out of place. – See more at: http://www.olivemedia.ca/native-future-display-advertising#sthash.hZFp83Mx.dpuf

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