rachelbarbaroheadshot “I’m so excited when I get a note from Aimee or Marian at Branding and Buzzing to collaborate. Attention to detail and creativity in their social media toolbox is always helpful and spot on. From a blogger perspective, I love their flexibility as it allows me to stay authentic in my own voice. I have worked with several food agencies and Branding and Buzzing is the best of the best!” ~ Rachel Barbaro, Blogger at FRIENDLY FOOD SNOBS
MichelleJobin “Working with Branding & Buzzing has been an absolute pleasure. They are always professional, have game plans that have all the details covered, and of course they KNOW social media and how to get people talking. Their name pretty much says it all.” ~ Michelle Jobin, Television Host, Producer & Blogger at MICHELLE JOBIN 
KenSamuels “I have had the pleasure of working with Branding & Buzzing on numerous occasions from Forty Creek to The McEwan Group to Ontario Gas BBQ and have always thought of them as the enablers of success. When they first asked me to work on a campaign with Mark McEwan at North 44 I was ecstatic yet worried I would not be able to meet the extensive success requirements.  This is their genius; they understand the landscape. They set the stage, connect the appropriate parties, pull back and allow all the moving parts to express themselves organically which allowed me, without caution, to just be myself.” ~ Ken Samuels, Blogger IN YOUR MOUTH TORONTO
photo-3 “The thing I like about Branding and Buzzing is that they’ve always made an effort to connect me with brands I actually like and thus feel comfortable talking about. The result is that, when I’m sharing my experience of a great dinner, cocktails, or a cool event, it doesn’t feel like advertising. I imagine that sort of genuine promotion is a big draw for the clients, but it’s also a big draw to someone like me who places a high importance on maintaining an authentic voice.” ~ Ben Johnson, Blogger BEN’S BEER BLOG
AmandaScriver “What can I say about Buzzing and Branding that hasn’t already been said? I have had the opportunity to work with the entire team throughout the years on various different brand integrations and networking opportunities. Their ideas have always been on-point, well-constructed and crafted perfected to the nature of the client and the Influencers in attendance from baking Fresita-styled cupcakes to an #UnderConstructionTO first-preview dinner of Rock Lobster (Queen West). Branding and Buzzing always taken the time to get to know our needs and provide great brands/events to work with. They just get it.” ~ Amanda Scriver, Community Manager GASTROPOST & Founder FAT GIRL FOOD SQUAD
JenniferDecan “Working with Branding and Buzzing is always a pleasant experience. The team at B&B prides themselves on not only growing their roster of clients, but also building relationships with those clients and the “influencers” they bring into work with them. I’ve worked with Branding and Buzzing on more than one occasion, and have always been impressed with their fresh, new ideas that keep our interactions exciting. Engaging and leveraging brands, both personal and mainstream is a consistent way to stay fresh in the ever-changing world of social media.” ~ Jennifer Decan, Founder & Head Editor JENN AND THE CITY
AbbeySharp “Working with Branding and Buzzing is always such a breeze. They spend ample time “becoming one” with the brands they represent so that they can structure a personalized unique plan for all of their activations. Unlike so many other traditional PR companies, Branding and Buzzing doesn’t simply go through the motions and produce cookie cutter events. I am always impressed by their creativity and ability to thoroughly tackle any potential problems before they arise. The “social media tool kits” they prepare are also always well structured, intuitive, and make doing my job as an influencer effortless.” ~ Abbey Sharp, Owner & Founder ABBEY’S KITCHEN
NancyWu “The Branding & Buzzing team is creative, responsive and personable. I worked with the B&B team on a Samuel Adams Brand-In-Hand Program. The campaign was fun and allows creativity while creating brand exposure. We enjoyed integrating Samuel Adams beer into everyday recipe and this is important because sometimes we forget there are multiple ways to use a product. The campaign is a great way to help us think outside the box. We look forward to working with them again.” ~ Nancy Wu, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief  NOMSS “Fresh Ideas”
Messy-Baker “Branding & Buzzing is a pleasure to work with. Instead of the standard recipe-development assignments they present innovative culinary challenges designed to showcase a quality brand and stretch my own creativity. In addition, their marketing strategies are well thought out, clearly communicated and highly targeted. Together, we reach a wide and enthusiastic audience.” ~ Charmian Christie, Cookbook Author & Baker THE MESSY BAKER
9jJB58uLqC7NvwfdFmVEFlmBEMlrSH6LpfBeWRzYrtk “I’ve always enjoyed working with Branding & Buzzing. They put a lot of thought into selecting the right influencers for their brand campaigns and they provide very well organized social media toolkits to everyone involved to ensure alignment and consistency that doesn’t hinder the unique voice of the influencer.” ~ Nicole Wilson, Founder & Blogger at DAINTY GIRL
FGEViAAXRwMPzXY-8qmIu4UvlXZTp-6h9qosiCM92SE-1 “Working with Branding and Buzzing has been an absolute joy. Their creative programs and attention to detail is impressive. They make a note to invite me to events, including most recently the Food Writing Awards, where I had a lovely time, met some great people and got to truly experience the brands. I continue to look forward to working with the Branding and Buzzing team!” ~ Vanessa Grillone, Founder & Writer at MY PEN, MY VOICE
Danielle Oron “I Love working with Branding & Buzzing! Thanks to their ingenious ideas with Shop & Learn, I’ve gotten tons of traffic on my blog and social media outlets. They’re great collaborators bringing fresh and trending ideas to the table, literally!” ~ Danielle Oron, Chef & Owner of MOO MILK BAR, Founder & Food Blogger I WILL NOT EAT OYSTERS 
Lisa Cantkier “I thoroughly enjoy working with Branding & Buzzing and being a part of their exciting projects and creative execution. The team has a knack for seeing the big picture and is consistently professional, well organized and efficient.” ~ Lisa Cantkier, Holistic Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer & Founder at LISA CANTKIER
LibbyRoach “I recently attended one of Branding & Buzzing’s media events for a gluten-friendly dinner paired with Daura Damm at La Carnita and loved it! Putting the right people around the table makes it easy to engage with everyone. We’re all immersed in the food scene in one way or another so it was really like having dinner with friends. I can’t wait to introduce Daura to my friends and see their surprised reaction after I tell them that the full bodied lager they just tried is gluten-free.” ~ Libby Roach, Contributor to BLOG TO, VIEW THE VIBE & POST CITY
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